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Susania (OPC) Private Limited additionally offers inward international money via it’s partners i.e. western union money transfer, Ria Money and Money gram and so forth. The service is safe, quick and dependable. It is a speedy and simple method for transferring personal remittance from abroad to recipients in India. Money is received from more than 195 nations. Beneficiaries can get cash in minutes after the remitter transmits cash. A limit of USD 2500 can be received at once with a limit of 12 transactions permitted by a single recipient in a single calendar year. Maximum sum up ​​to INR 50,000/ – in Cash is permissible if the amount is more than that then payment would be made via Check or credited to their banks via IMPS/NEFT/RTGS/UPI. Recipient to provide adequate data i.e. KYC to establish his identity and proof of residence.

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